Bangladesh government is imposing a “Strick lockdown" for one week from 14th April 2021. 

During this lockdown, all the government, private offices, and transport services will remain closed. Only the emergency services will remain open during this lockdown, factories, and industries will remain open which includes the Ready-Made Garment Sector (RMG) by maintaining health safety guidelines, and also vehicles involved in carrying goods, production, and emergency services will stay out of the restriction. 


Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) has suspended all the passenger aircraft movement (PAX) to & from Bangladesh. No restriction will be imposed on the movement of chartered flights, cargo flights, and special flights carrying high commissioners of different countries and foreign nationals. So, freighter (cargo flight) operations will be continued.


Dhaka airport cargo and Chittagong seaport operations are running smoothly as before and hope it will remain the same throughout the lockdown period.


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