Please be informed that, from 1st January 2011 all ocean carriers are required to submit a list of legislation-defined data elements to Europe customs at a vessel's first Europe port of call, at least 24 hours prior to cargo loading onboard the European union bound vessel. the regulation is applicable to all import cargo to or via any European port. To comply with the Europe regulation, customers are requested to provide complete and accurate shipping instructions before the shipping instruction closing time which will be announced and published by European union regulation 1875/2006 as well as included in our booking acknowledgements/ confirmations.

The mandatory data elements for an entry summary declaration, which must be included in your shipping instructions :

  • 1. Full name and address (including postal code) of shipper and consignee
  • 2. Full name and address (including postal code) of notify party where goods are carried under a negotiable "to order" b/l
  • 3. Acceptable goods description in line with the eu guidelines on acceptable and unacceptable terms for the descriptions
  • 4. Of goods for exit and entry summary declarations" (not necessary if the 4 digits hs code is provided)
  • 5. Preferably the first four digits of the hs code for each goods item. 6 digit hs code is recommended
  • 6. Number and type of packages
  • 7. Cargo gross weight
  • 8. Un dangerous goods code where applicable

Recommended links
Please see below a number of recommended website links where more information applying to the EU Regulation 1875/2006 can be found.

European Commission
HS Codes

Importers, file your ISF 10+2 here!
Importer Security filing (ISF 10+2) is a mandatory U.S. Customs and Dept. of Homeland Security sponsored program that all importers to the United States must adhere to when shipping goods into the USA. ISF 10+2 informs U.S. Customs of all details of your import shipment before it arrives within the borders of the USA. This program is mandatory for all inbound ocean shipments to the United States.

ISF 10+2 Form

ISF Filing is mandatory for all ocean shipments inbound to U.S. Ports!

ALERT! On July 9, 2013 CBP will begin full enforcement of ISF, and will start issuing liquidated damages against ISF importers and carriers for ISF non-compliance. Avoid these penalties at all costs and file ISF with us today!!


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